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Brooklyn King Jimmy Smits
Detective Bobby Simone
Gale Group
IMDb: Jimmy Smits
Jam! Showbiz: Jimmy Smits
Jimmy Smits and Kim Basinger Star in 'Bless the Child'
Jimmy Smits: Latino with a Badge of Love
Jimmy Smits Pictures Gallery
Jimmy Smits Speaks
Meg's Boyfriend: Jimmy Smits
MicroBus City Suburbs: Jimmy Smits
Milk - Famous Faces
Mr Showbiz Celebrities: Jimmy Smits
The People Profiles
Salon.com Directory
Top Jimmy: An Interview With Actor Jimmy Smits
Jimmy Smits Grabs His Lightsaber
The New Gypsy: Jimmy Smits moves on to new, diverse challenges
Jimmy Smits vehicle shows another side
Jimmy Smits assesses value of roles
Smits in all his 'Glory'
Jimmy Smits Headlines 'Price of Glory' Premiere
Jimmy Smits to host eighth annual ESPY Awards
Smits Returns to Life on Big Screen
Away for 16 years, Jimmy Smits is still a big man on campus
So long, Bobby: Jimmy Smits' 'NYPD Blue' character killed off
Statement of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard Applauding Jimmy Smits' Call for Promoting Opportunity in the Entertainment Industry
Jimmy Smits at 1997 NBA All-Star Weekend



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